My Rosaries

Basic Rosaries - Basic rosaries in silver & gold with capped styles available.

Single Decade Rosaries - Single decade rosaries in silver & gold with capped styles available.

Peace Rosaries & Other Items - Peace rosaries in silver & gold, cross pins, and sterling silver necklaces.

"Dear Kathy, The rosaries arrived in the mail yesterday.  They are beautiful!  My wife couldn't have been happier.  She has had precious little to smile about since her mother died but when I handed her the rosary she just held it to her heart and smiled.  She asked me to write you and thank you for making such a beautiful memento.  The rosary is even more precious since her mother made a death bed conversion and one of the reasons her mother gave was the feeling of peace that came over her as we prayed the rosary while she was so desperately ill.  She told me that the rosary was the most powerful vehicle to bring her closer to Christ because of its simplicity and beauty.  They say angels come in many disguises, we are glad we were guided to you.  I think it is wonderful that you have the talent to do what you do.  I am sure your life will be richly rewarded.  Thank you for helping my family in our time of grief.  Sincerely, Richard------ P.S. When someone we love passes from this world, it can ease the pain to realize we have not lost a friend or loved one, we have gained an angel."

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