My Rosaries

Basic Rosaries - Basic rosaries in silver & gold with capped styles available.

Single Decade Rosaries - Single decade rosaries in silver & gold with capped styles available.

Peace Rosaries & Other Items - Peace rosaries in silver & gold, cross pins, and sterling silver necklaces.

"Dear Kathy, I feel that we are very fortunate to have found you (my cousin must have been guided to you)!  Your wonderful creations preserving the flowers which hold such meaning for me and my family will be cherished always.  I am so grateful to you for giving us such treasures as we increase our devotion in memory of my mother.  She was a wonderful person living a life of love devoted to God, and she recited the rosary daily.  I know she would be pleased with what you have given us.  I was moved to offer my mass last Saturday evening for "K(C)athys" in my life- 2 close friends, a cousin-in-law,and you.  thank you for doing this for us, and I ask that you keep my mother and those of us who mourn her loss in your prayers."  -  Sincerely, Delores

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